About Yijia Su

Yijia Su is a fullstack developer who is specialized in iOS, backend and blockchain development. He has +7 years of experience of professional programming, publishing a variety of apps in App Store. Yijia is experienced in a number of languages, with a focus on Objective-C, Swift, Ethereum Solidity, JavaScript and Ruby.

He joined Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and worked as a Research Assistant under supervision of Professor Huamin Qu in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2017. His research interest mainly focused on Augment Reality technologies. He has collaborated in several projects in VisLab, involving fields among machine learning, augmented reality, and fintech data analysis on blockchain. He has co-authored a paper published in SIGGRAPH 2017. Prior to joining HKUST, he received his bachelor degree of engineering from South China University of Technology.

He has created several blockchain-related projects. His most recent project, Meow Wallet, acts like a Ethereum bridge that enables dApps on iOS to talk to Ethereum network. It can be embedded in any iOS apps and communicated with Web3.js compatible interface. He is also experienced in quantitative trading on cryptocurrency markets.

Yijia is not only a technology enthusiast but also a startup entrepreneur. He has co-foundered two startups in China during and after his undergraduate studies.